Remebering the War that saved the World

The Vision

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Why Blytheville?

From its beginning as the Blytheville Army Airfield in 1942 to its closure as the Eaker Air Force Base in 1992, this facility in northeast Arkansas played a vital part in the Cold War — the war that saved the world.

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The National Cold War Center, located on Eaker Air Force Base, will be recognized as a major tourist attraction in Arkansas that will provide an immersive and authoritative experience in informing, interpreting and honoring the legacy of the Cold War.

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Visitors will explore the military strategy and the worldwide impact of this unique superpower rivalry that prevailed between the U.S. and the Soviet Union from the end of World War II until the collapse of the U.S.S.R.

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The project is underway with a world-class team of historians, architects, and museum designers with the expertise to create a national museum of this magnitude.

Additionally, the museum has been officially designated as The National Cold War Center by the federal government.

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The National Cold War Center - Opening 2027

Doors will open to a facility that honors and remembers the war that saved the world. The Center will feature on-site experiences, including self-guided tours, the Ready Alert Compound, B-52 bombers, a legacy gallery and more.

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BAFB Exhibition

Expanding the vision: The first phase of The National Cold War Center tells the story of the war that saved the world. Come explore Blytheville AFB's history and its impact on people and community.

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